Grooming Services

Bath and blow dry

Hygiene clip

All over clip

Breed-specific styling

Tick clip

Scissor styling

Strip out

Nail trimming while you wait

Ear cleaning while you wait

Anal glands while you wait

All full grooming and clipping services include bath and blow dry, nail clip and an ear pluck and clean.

Grooming prices are an estimate only. Prices vary depending on coat length and condition, breed, size, weight and style.

Coat matting and other difficulties may increase price.

No sedation is used at Hot Dog Cool Cat. Aggressive dogs will be referred to Sydney Animal Hospitals (located next door). Professional veterinary advice is on hand for all our opening hours.

Doggy Day Care

Do you prefer not to leave your dog home alone?
Does your dog have separation anxiety?
Is your dog afraid during thunderstorms, suffering from storm phobias?
Are you worried he is going to escape from the yard?
Do you need him out of the yard for the day while the house is being sprayed or inspected?
Is it going to be a hot day and need your dog in air-conditioning?

Why not book him into our Doggy Day Care?

You can leave your pet with us for a groom, a day stay and have veterinary services all on one visit.

We are next door to Sydney Animal Hospitals.

Day Stay (Monday to Friday only):

  • Up to 10kg $25.00
  • 10kg – 20kg $35.00
  • 20kg – 35kg (maximum size) $40.00

Day stay with a groom (Monday to Friday):

  • Up to 10kg $19.00
  • 1kg – 20kg $25.00
  • 20kg – 35kg (maximum size) $30.00

Day stay with groom and Veterinary service

  • FREE!

We are dedicated to your satisfaction – and your furry friend’s satisfaction as well!

How We Help Your Dog Look and Feel His Best

Brush out and pre-bath trim
Dogs are brushed or clipped. Pads, feet and hygiene areas are trimmed.

Bathed with shampoo and conditioner according your dog’s needs
All shampoos are specifically designed for animals. You can select a medicated or flea shampoo for an additional cost if needed.

Ears and eyes are cleaned, nails clipped
Ears are flushed and cleaned with a cleaning solution specifically designed for dogs and cats, and eyes are wiped clean. Nails are trimmed. This is included in the cost of your dog’s groom. Glands can be express at an additional cost.

Dried and brushed again
All dogs are fluffed and blow-dried by hand.

Trim, clip and scissor
We will clip and/or scissor your dog’s coat again to ensure their coat has the best possible groom. Most important we create what you want.

Blueberry facial

Give your dog a treat with this facial massage and special treatment. They will look great!

Bow and treat given with your approval
We love to give your dog a bow and a treat if it is OK with you.
(This is one of our free extras!)

Cat Grooming

Ask us about our Cat grooming services.

Veterinary hospital Services while your pet is at our Salon



Dental Check

Skin / ear / parasite checks

Wellness programmes.